My name is Jenny van Agtmael.  I have been a dog owner/lover for more than 30 years. I was a school teacher for over 10 years.  I have been walking and boarding dogs for over well over two years and love it. This 4 legged animals bring so much loving into the world. Plus it’s great exercise for me and the dogs.

These 4-legged animals bring so into the world and fill me with joy. Getting to exercise outdoors with the dogs is an added bonus for me and the dogs. It makes us both happy and healthy!

I have always fostered a passion for the care of humans and animals. Growing up in an environment ripe with entrepreneurial spirit, I harnessed that mindset and my passion for animals to establish Pawz Friends in 2017.

I have a masters degree in early Education and childhood development and was a school teacher for 10 years. When I had my child and chose to be a stay at home mother, I knew it would also be a chance to explore my other professional passions.

Email, call or text me to set up a meet and greet with your dog!!

Walking Excersice


Great for you and your dog!!



Doggy Daycare is a great way for your dog to socialize with other dogs, in a safe and loving environment.

Dogs have the opportunity to run around and play with other dogs outside in a spacious, gated and locked backyard.

Dog Sitting


Pawz Friends gives your dog the home away from home experience. Their day is very similar to daycare; if they are spending the night,all 

you have to do is provide food and crate or dog bed  (if needed).

Outdoor Time


Dogs can enjoy endless hours of fun running, playing or sunbathing. We provide plenty of water throughout the day.

Cooling Off


There are many great places for your dog to cool off. Whether, it is under a tree, dog bed or the couch. Dogs like people, need cooling off or quiet time too.